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Adding a Flickr photo to your Blogger profile

Getting your Flickr hosted photo to display in your Blogger profile is not as straightforward as you may first think. First display the Flicker photo page for the photo. Under ‘Additional Information’ to the right of the photo click on ‘See different sizes’. You then have 5 options/sizes for download. Select a size and Flickr then gives you two options for linking to the photo. The first URL links back to the photo page and the second is just the URL of the image. The Flickr terms and conditions state that if a photo is to be displayed on an external web site there must be a link from each photo back to its photo page on Flickr, so you should use option 1. Unfortunately, the code for that is usually rejected by the Blogger Profile page because it contains “illegal characters”. Using option 2 would be a breach of the Flickr T&Cs.

So the only way to use one of your Flickr photos and remain within the terms and condition is to download a copy to your computer and then upload it to Blogger. Blogger Help: How do I add my photo to my profile? has detailed instructions on how to do this.

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Adding Google Reader to iGoogle

You can view your Google Reader RSS feeds on your personalized iGoogle home page. Sign in to your iGoogle page, click on ‘Add stuff’ and then search for Google Reader. Click on the ‘Add it now’ button next to the details for the ‘gadget’ and it will be added to your home page.

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