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Guidelines on how to hold meetings on a wiki

This posting on HiveTalk gives some excellent practical advice on how to manage a meeting on a wiki. It lists seven issues that need to be addressed:

1. Allow enough time for the discussion – a “traditional” meeting may last minutes to a couple of hours but a wiki meeting may take a day or longer.

2. Offer structure – for example populate the wiki page with questions and issues as well as the agenda .

3. Encourage participants to openly sign their contribution.

4. Provide participants with tools to follow the discussion, for example RSS feeds or email alerts.

5. Manage the discussion.

6. Capture actionable items.

7. Declare the meeting closed. “Give participants 3-4 hours’ notice to put in a last word. After, that, formally close the meeting. Post a notice at the beginning of the wiki page. Don’t leave the conversation open-ended. It’s discouraging.”

This has also been picked up and discussed further on the FASTForward blog.

September 5, 2007 - Posted by | best practice, wikis

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