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Two examples of Libraries using Pageflakes as a “start page”. (Thanks to Phil Bradley for highlighting both of these in his blog).

The first is Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive. It is not so much a start page as several start pages. I counted seven tabs so it is almost a mini web site! As a regular visitor to Dublin I love the traffic and travel tab where they have Dublin web cams, traffic updated and local travel news. A superb example of how far you can push this technology.

The second is Llyfrgell Ceredigion Library in Aberystwyth, Wales. Again, another good example of concentrating on providing local information.

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  1. Hi everybody!!!

    A good example of Web 2.0 :
    this website is designed for pepole who wants to have all informations like RSS, podcasts , weather , mails , dates of tv series , notes , etc… in the same page! Everything is customizable (bloc position, skins, … a real Web 2.0 page!)
    I use it everyday

    Comment by df | January 18, 2008

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