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Twitter for Museum 2.0

Nina Simon has posted an interesting article in her Museum 2.0 blog on the nature of Twitter and how it can be used by museums. It was posted in April 2006, but I have only just picked it up via a comment to a posting made by Brian Kelly about Twitter (Will Twitter be Big in 2008?). Shelly Bernstein, from Brooklyn Museum and who made the comment, has also posted a “case study” of her own organization’s test run of the technology.

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Review of legal blogs

Charon QC has posted an extensive review of legal blogs, or blawgs, in Blawg Review # 141. Good coverage of UK blawgs in particular. Thanks to Lo-fi Librarian for the tip-off on this gem.

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Using a wiki for a Lab Open Notebook

The Useful Chemistry Blog has reported on the Rosania Lab Open Notebook Science Wiki1CellPK  is the new home of the Subcellular Drug Transport Laboratory at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.

To quote from their wiki home page:

“Open Notebook Science is ideally suited for community-wide collaborative research projects involving mathematical modeling and computer simulation work, as it allows researchers to document model development in a step-by-step fashion, then link model prediction to experiments that test the model, and in turn, use feedback from experiments to evolve the model. By making our laboratory notebooks public, the evolutionary process of a model can be followed in its totality by the interested reader. Researchers from laboratories around the world can now follow the progress of our research day-to-day, borrow models at various stages of development, comment or advice on model developments, discuss experiments, ask questions, provide feedback, or otherwise contribute to the progress of science in any manner possible.”

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