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Pageflakes – East Lothian Libraries

East Lothian Libraries are now on Pageflakes. This is another excellent library start page providing local information. There is also help with essential survival skills – check out Recipe of the Day!

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Pageflakes – Scottish Libraries

The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and CILIP in Scotland are now on Pageflakes ( Their page has a range of Web 2.0 services including flickr, and slideshare. It also has a blog, a monthly poll, news feeds and access to Scottish Library and Information Resources (SLIR). The content is still under development andthey hope to add other features, such as a podcast, very soon.

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Twitter and work placements

Lilian Soon posted  a comment on the UK Web Focus blog  about using Twitter to help students on work placements:

“before sending students off on work placements, ask someone at the workplace (a mechanic, a florist, etc) to Twitter regularly throughout the day. This gives the learner some idea of what someone in that job role has to do throughout a day, and it gives them the opportunitiy to ask some questions. When the learner goes on work placement, they could use Twitter to log their tasks and thoughts.”

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The INSOURCE Conference Twitter Experiment

Karen Blakeman reports on her and Marydee Ojala’s conference twittering experiment. The main problems were having to limit updates to 140 characters, missing updates (a known bug and now being addressed by Twitter), and the limit of 200 updates that can be displayed. The last point is a serious issue if you want to keep the tweets/updates as a permanent record of opinions and comments on an event.

You can see Marydee’s INSOURCE twitterings at and Karen Blakeman’s at

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