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LinkedIn in Plain English

Another excellent video from Common Craft’s ‘Plain English’ series – this time it is on LinkedIn. The video is also available on YouTube. Other videos in the series include RSS,Google Docs, Twitter, wikis, social bookmarking and blogs.


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Easy Tweets – for managing multiple Twitter accounts

Easy Tweets EasyTweets is a set of tools that can help you post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts, check replies, and track new followers.

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UKeiG on Twitter

UKeiG is on Twitter at is mainly a Twitterfeed of the Yahoo! Pipes combined UKeiG RSS feeds supplemented by comments and updates. Some of you may prefer to view the feeds via this route. Comments and chit chat are welcome.

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Why Use Twitter?

Some interesting responses to David Lee King’s question “Why use Twitter?”

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UK Primary School on Twitter

Newbridge Primary School is on Twitter:

the plan is to use this feed to tweet out news and updates about the school on a regular basis… but we’re not quite ready to start yet”

Thanks to fellow twitterer andypowe11 for the information.

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Twitter for Librarians: The Ultimate Guide

Twitter for Librarians: The Ultimate Guide is another gem I found via the Internet Resources Newsletter.The first paragraph is a bit geekish but do not be deterred – just think of it as a sort of SMS or Instant Messaging with optional bells and whistles. (UKeiG is currently pulling together a fact sheet on Twitter). The rest of the article gives examples of how it can be used in a library context. It is US centric but the ideas are applicable anywhere in the world.

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May 2008 snapshot of UK HE and FE developments in Second Life

I was alerted to this by the excellent Internet Resources Newsletter. The May 2008 snapshot of UK HE and FE developments in SL summarises an investigation into the use and uptake of Second Life (SL) by UK Higher and Further Education. The research, carried out in the period up until May 2008, had four main goals:

  • to determine the “state of play” of SL developments within the Higher and Further Education sector,
  • to discover how these developments are supported, in terms of time, funding and other resources,
  • to explore the functionality of these developments, i.e. which types of media or interactive service they incorporate,
  • to establish how “busy”, or well-used, the developments have been and discover any impacts resulting from their implementation and use.

Even if you do not work in higher or further education, this report is worth reading in order to get a feel for how it is being used, the pros and cons, and the positive and negative attitudes of people directly involved and those on the sidelines.

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Using hashtags to follow conference tweets

Many conference twitterers use hashtags in their tweets. Hashtags help identify tweets on a subject or event and those who are twittering. Include a hash sign immediately before the ‘official’ tag of the conference  in your tweet and services such as Hashtags and Twemes will pick up the tweet. If you are a twitterer, you will first have to ‘follow’ hashtags on Twitter itself. Then hastags will automatically follow you and monitor your tweets. If you want your hashtagged tweets to be picked up by Twemes you must have a photo or image in your Twitter profile. No image, no listing in Twemes (apparently it is an anti-spam measure).The hashtag can appear anywhere in your tweet, for example ‘#interlend08 Public libraries losing USPs e.g. supplying out of print books. Lots of online competition e.g. ABEbooks’.

If you just want to see what has been twittered about a conference, simply go to or and browse or search for the tag.

Hashtags for interlend08

Hashtags for interlend08

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