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There are Times When You Shouldn’t be Tweeting

This item from the The FASTForward Blog concerns a juror on a civil trial against a building materials company who was caught tweeting some of his musings, resulting in calls for a mistrial. I assume that the US has similar regulations to the UK in respect of jury service, in that you are not allowed to discuss the trial with anyone other than your fellow jurors. I would have thought that tweeting would come under “discussion” but perhaps the instructions to jurors need to include social media such as Twitter and Facebook messaging in the ban.

As Joe McKendrick says:

“Along with legal proceedings, occasions such as driving, job interviews, performance review sessions, religious ceremonies, and first dates come to mind as times when hold off on the urge to tweet.  The world will wait for you.”

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  1. i once read an article about a man that was trying to be a reporter at a funeral using Twitter.

    Comment by Tim Rueb | March 14, 2009

  2. I hope he wasn’t using Tweetdeck with sound notifications switched on. Seriously, there are times when tweeting really is NOT appropriate.

    Or perhaps he was a medium attempting to tweet the spirits on the other side? Sorry, this is getting silly and in very bad taste.

    Comment by ukeig | March 14, 2009

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