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Adding a Flickr photo to your Blogger profile

Getting your Flickr hosted photo to display in your Blogger profile is not as straightforward as you may first think. First display the Flicker photo page for the photo. Under ‘Additional Information’ to the right of the photo click on ‘See different sizes’. You then have 5 options/sizes for download. Select a size and Flickr then gives you two options for linking to the photo. The first URL links back to the photo page and the second is just the URL of the image. The Flickr terms and conditions state that if a photo is to be displayed on an external web site there must be a link from each photo back to its photo page on Flickr, so you should use option 1. Unfortunately, the code for that is usually rejected by the Blogger Profile page because it contains “illegal characters”. Using option 2 would be a breach of the Flickr T&Cs.

So the only way to use one of your Flickr photos and remain within the terms and condition is to download a copy to your computer and then upload it to Blogger. Blogger Help: How do I add my photo to my profile? has detailed instructions on how to do this.

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The mystery of the disappearing Blogger text

One of the UKeiG blog contributors reported several months ago that although she could type in the title and body text of a posting to the UKeiG main blog , which uses Blogger, when it came to publishing the body text was not displayed. Going to the Edit function revealed that the text for the body of the posting had vanished. Other contributors were unable to replicate the problem but she still cannot post. Then, on one of the UKeiG workshops 4 out of the 20 PCs in the training room exhibited the same problem. What was puzzling was that on the other 16 PCs, the text was published as expected. All 20 PCs were updated centrally with identical setups and the programs locked down so that people could not change the settings! So why the problem with just 4.

A search has revealed that this is happening to others. One page’s suggestions include:

  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Check security on your computer and on your network. Make sure that all necessary trusts are given to “”, NOT just “”, especially for cookie management, pop up blockers, and script control
  • And if you’re using Internet Explorer, check cross-frame scripts. Or use another browser.

It appears from other reports that the only guaranteed solution is to switch to Firefox, which is not an option for most people.

P.S. Our UKeiG blog contributor is still unable to post 😦

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