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Brian Kelly reviews Slideboom

If you are looking for an alternative to Slideshare, you might want to try Slideboom. Brian Kelly has reviewed it in his latest blog posting and it compares favourably with Slideshare. Why would you want to change? Many Slideshare users were upset and annoyed by Slideshare’s April Fool’s prank. It was not so much the email telling users that views of their presentations had increased dramatically, it was that Slideshare had also altered the viewing statistics by adding two zeros to the end of the number. Many people take the view that visitor and viewing statistics are sacred and should not be tampered with even if it is only temporary and in jest. If you are prepared to forgive and forget – and Slideshare have apologised profusely – it is, in any case, a good idea to have a backup, and Slideboom may be the one for you.

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