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Pageflakes Family Law Blogs

John Bolch has set up a Pageflakes page covering Family Law. John’s Family Lore includes current family law blogs with UK family blawgs at the top and non-UK towards the bottom.

The feeds can also be viewed at Family Lore Focus

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Pageflakes introduces adverts and UKeiG moves to Netvibes

Because of the inflexible, inappropriate and intrusive advertising imposed on Pageflakes users, UKeiG has moved the content of its Pageflakes start page to Netvibes at

The lack of advance notice of this significant change, together with recent technical problems and repeated down time means that we can no longer depend on Pageflakes to provide a reliable service. UKeiG appreciates the need for financial support for services such as this, but Pageflakes has not offered any alternatives to its users such as an annual subscription.

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ActiveIT Pageflakes

ActiveIT in South Lanarkshire have set up Pageflakes pages at As well as the local news, weather and travel, they have a ‘Community language news’ tab with RSS feeds from several European and Russian news sources. ActiveIT is the brand name for the learning centres in South Lanarkshire Libraries. More information about ActiveIT can be found at

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Pageflakes – East Lothian Libraries

East Lothian Libraries are now on Pageflakes. This is another excellent library start page providing local information. There is also help with essential survival skills – check out Recipe of the Day!

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Pageflakes – Scottish Libraries

The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and CILIP in Scotland are now on Pageflakes ( Their page has a range of Web 2.0 services including flickr, and slideshare. It also has a blog, a monthly poll, news feeds and access to Scottish Library and Information Resources (SLIR). The content is still under development andthey hope to add other features, such as a podcast, very soon.

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Library Pageflakes start pages

Two examples of Libraries using Pageflakes as a “start page”. (Thanks to Phil Bradley for highlighting both of these in his blog).

The first is Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive. It is not so much a start page as several start pages. I counted seven tabs so it is almost a mini web site! As a regular visitor to Dublin I love the traffic and travel tab where they have Dublin web cams, traffic updated and local travel news. A superb example of how far you can push this technology.

The second is Llyfrgell Ceredigion Library in Aberystwyth, Wales. Again, another good example of concentrating on providing local information.

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UKeiG on Pageflakes

Over the summer UKeiG has been playing around with PageFlakes (see As well as the events, eLucidate and blog RSS feeds, you can also view our Flickr photos, an events calendar, and Google and Yahoo news searches on UKeiG and CILIP.

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Sharing iGoogle tabs

You can share an iGoogle tab that you have created, including its gadgets. Click on the little arrow next to the tab name and select “share this tab”. Then enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share the tab, a short message (optional), and send it off. Each person in your list will receive an email with a URL that triggers a confirmation dialog. This allows the recipient to choose which gadgets in the tab are to be added to their own iGoogle home page.

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Adding Google Reader to iGoogle

You can view your Google Reader RSS feeds on your personalized iGoogle home page. Sign in to your iGoogle page, click on ‘Add stuff’ and then search for Google Reader. Click on the ‘Add it now’ button next to the details for the ‘gadget’ and it will be added to your home page.

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Pageflakes in education

Thanks to Phil Bradley for blogging this and bringing it to my attention. Pageflakes Brings Web 2.0 to the Classroom describes how Pageflakes is being used in schools and education. There are links to 5 examples from Australia, UK, Scotland and the US. Pageflakes, itself, now has a version especially for students and teachers at making it easier to set up a page with education-oriented Flakes and news feeds.

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